'The Americans' Scene Everyone Is Talking About

WARNING: it is very graphic....


Last night’s episode of The Americans, “Baggage,” featured a very brutal/shocking scene that involved bones and a suitcase. In the scene Philip and Elizabeth are disposing of a body another man choked to death in last week’s episode. That’s not so bad, right? WRONG. 

They decide to dispose of the body — a former colleague — via a suitcase. They don’t just cut off her limbs (Dexter style) and shove them all into the suitcase. Instead they BREAK HER BONES and fold her body into the suitcase.

There is no video of the scene, but there are GIF’s. Thankfully those aren’t as bad.

bones body-bag UPROXX says the sound of the bones breaking was loud “enough to burst an ear drum.” This may be the only reason I never watch The Americans.


See also: Novorossiya news today.


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