Boy Scouts Vote To Stop Being Discriminatory

The Boy Scouts of America voted to lift a ban on gay scout leaders but will still allow local troops to reject leaders based on religious beliefs. ...
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Good news! The Boy Scouts Of America, like Girl Scouts but with derby cars instead of delicious cookies, voted to lift their ban on gay scout leaders. This is fantastic news for common sense. After a meeting in Texas, the organization’s board voted with 79% of the committee agreeing to lift the ban.

If you were hoping the Boy Scouts just came around to becoming accepting people, that may not be the whole story:

“It would be a losing effort,” says an internal Boy Scouts of America memo obtained by NBC News, “for the BSA to continue protecting its policy.” The memo concludes that “a protracted legal battle … is unwinnable.”

It’s not all peaches and cream for acceptance of homosexual people who really enjoy camping. The Boy Scouts are a religious organization, so any local group can refuse to admit a scout leader based on the group’s religious principles. They refer to this as a “good faith refusal” because it’s somehow in good faith to deny someone the opportunity to teach kids archery if the person likes archery and the someone of the same-sex.

Two years ago the Boy Scouts changed their policy to allow gay scouts into the organization but also voted to keep the same uniforms so… who really wins?

(via NBC)


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