Chris Evans Wins Super Bowl Bet Against Chris Pratt

In reality we are all winners....

B8yu3_qCMAA7-PHThe New England Patriots‘ dramatic win against the Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl XLIX set the fate of Chris Pratt and his bet against Pats fan Chris Evans. Two weeks ago the Marvel superheroes made an epic Super Bowl bet for charity.

These were the stakes: if the Patriots won, Pratt (who grew up in Washington) must visit Christopher’s Haven in Boston dressed as Star-Lord, and if the Seahawks won, Evans (who hails from Boston) must visit Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as Captain America.

Since the Seahawks lost Pratt will visit Chris’ Haven in Boston, because its all about the kids.

And even though Evans’ team won he will also fulfill his end of the bet. Which was expected to happen. I mean, he’s Captain America.

These two are real life heroes!

(via Mashable)

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