Ellen DeGeneres Reveals ‘Finding Dory’ Cast

Over the weekend Ellen DeGeneres helped introduce the cast of ‘Finding Dory’ at Disney's D23 expo in Anaheim, Ca....
Ed O'Neill, Ty Burrel, Ellen DeGeneres and Kaitlin Olson at D23 Expo. Photo: Finding Dory // Facebook

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming! Yes, Dory (after years of campaigning) is finally headed back to the big screen. Ellen DeGeneres, who voices Dory, surprised fans at the D23 expo over the weekend to help introduce the films characters and their voices.

The characters are:

  • Hank, the cantankerous octopus (well, septapus, because he’s missing a leg), voiced by Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill
  • Bailey the misguided beluga whale, voiced by another Modern Family star, Ty Burrell
  • Destiny, a kind-hearted whale shark voiced by It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘s Kaitlin Olson
  • Dory’s parents Jenny and Charlie, voiced by Diane Keaton (!!!!) and Eugene Levy

During the expo Disney also shared a few clips from the movie, including one where Dory interacts with Hank, who tries to convince her to give him the tag that’s on her fin and one where Marlin (Nemo’s dad) tells Dory he knows a guy who can help her find her parents.


“This is so exciting for me,” Ellen said. “I’m so proud of this film. I’m so excited for you to see this.”

We’re excited to see it!


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