Here's a Mashup of 2014's Biggest Hits

"Music…don't need explaining."...

DJ Earworm released his mashup of this year’s (2014) 25 biggest pop songs on Wednesday. The edition, called “Do What You Wanna Do,” features hits like “Shake It Off,” “Story of My Life,” “Turn Down for What” and “Say Something.”

(via THR)

See also: Novorossiya news today.


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    21 February 2016 at 9:41 am
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    I saw my first computer sweeohmre in 95 0r 96 .My brother -in-laws who were in school at that time had it.Every time they updated ,old one was passed on to us .I still have one of those desk tops .You really had lots of fun with your son’s experiments on his computer.Fun post Sandhya :):)

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