‘Jurassic World’ Has Biggest Opening Weekend Of All-Time (Updated)

Congrats, Pratt!...

UPDATE Monday, Jun 15th, 2:00pm: The final number for Jurassic World are in and they are T. Rex big.  It debuted to $209 million in the US, topping Marvel’s The Avengers, which previously held the record with $207.4 million. Worldwide the film grossed $524.1 million — destroying the previous record, held by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 — making it the biggest worldwide debut ever.

POSTED Sunday, Jun 14th, 5:29 pm: Chris Pratt and his velociraptor friends earned $511.8 million worldwide, making Jurassic World the first movie to ever make more than $500 million in a weekend. Domestically the film brought in $204.6 million, making it the second biggest domestic opening of all time — just a few million shy of beating 2012’s The Avengers.

Melissa McCarthy’s Spy dropped to second place and Entourage (continues to be huge disappointment) plummeted to sixth place, only bringing in $4.3 million in its second weekend.

This weekend’s top five at the box office:
1. Jurassic World — $204.6 million
2. Spy — $16 million
3. San Andreas — $11 million
4. Insidious Chapter 3 — $7.3 million
5. Pitch Perfect 2 — $6 million

Right now the numbers for Jurassic World are only an estimate. Universal Pictures will release official weekend numbers on Monday.

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