‘Mad Men’ By the Numbers: Cigarettes Smoked, Drinks Poured And Joints Rolled

Only four people have been slapped during the show's 7 year run. That's surprising....
Photo Credit: Courtesy of AMC

15f93aca-e9b9-47ed-8029-14e7d88b83ed_2f060424-6584-e9f5-0959-e17348f7a4bb_IMG_3757_W1AMC has released a video ahead of Mad Men’s final episodes that tallies all of Don Draper’s mistresses (that we know of) the number of joints rolled and the number of drinks poured.

The biggest surprise, besides the number of cigarettes smoked, is that only four people were slapped over the course of the drama’s 7 year run.

Watch the full video above. The second half of the final season of Mad Men premieres Sunday, April 5 at 10pm on AMC.


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