The Subways Are Worse Than You Thought

The New York City Subway system is old but while you might think the system has been updated the reality will shock you....
Photo Credit: MTA/YouTube

The New York City Subway system is really old. Anyone who rides it is well aware of how terrible, slow and unpredictable it can be. New Yorkers have become so comfortable with the system being terrible, nobody really asks why.

The only thing worse than the subway is the budget for the subway. It’s terrible and the MTA has to beg the State of New York for money but now they don’t really feel like it. So, in an effort to shame the state into getting money, the MTA is bragging about how terrible it is by posting a video about it.

As Business Insider tore apart the video, one of the most shocking parts is how the signal system works… manually:

Photo Credit: MTA/YouTube

Photo Credit: MTA/YouTube

Dispatchers manually write down information about trains on pieces of paper (with pencil!) while they stare at an information board built in the 1930s. In the video, the system is referred to as “safe, but antiquated.”

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