Reporter Confronts His Identity Thief

This is awkward. A consumer reporter for a FOX affiliate in Dallas, Texas was alerted of his credit card being stolen and tracked down the thief to a hotel....

Identify theft sucks. Steve Noviello is a reporter for Dallas’ Fox 4 News and deals very specifically with stories about things like that. So when a woman allegedly stole his identity he was eager to pursue the story. Luckily for him, his credit card company alerted him that the thief was currently checking into the North Texas Hilton. Noviello called the police, who found the sleeping thief tucked in bed.

Noviello, like typical confrontational consumer fraud stories on his newscast, followed the alleged criminal as police led her out of the hotel, all the while interviewing her (and even promising a follow-up interview after her arrest).

Criminals beware: maybe Google search the person when you steal their identity next time.


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