23 Glee Cover Songs That Are Better Than The Original

Sometimes Glee does it better. #SorryNotSorry...

GLE_302-SC28_0809_hires2As you may or may not know everyone’s favorite musical dramedy, Glee, ends its six year run tonight with a two-hour series finale. Throughout its run the Glee gang has covered more than 700 hundred songs, mashed-up countless songs and even performed a few originals. It’s the reason you’ve had “Don’t Stop Belivin’” stuck in your head since 2009 and the reason you’re now obsessed with show tunes.

To this show that has changed so many lives I say “gooodbye” with a look back at my favorite musical performances.

1. Rachel Berry, Make You Feel My Love” (The Quarterback, season 5, episode 3)

2. New Directions, Don’t Stop Believing”  (Pilot, season 1, episode 1)

3. Rachel Berry, “Don’t Rain On My Parade (Sectionals, season 1, episode 13)

4. New Directions, “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” (Nationals, season 3, episode 21)

5. Blaine Anderson,Teenage Dream (The Break Up, season 4, episode 4)


6. Rachel Berry and April Rhodes, Maybe This Time(The Rhodes Not Taken, season 1, episode 5)

7. Kurt Hummel and Rachel,Defying Gravity (Wheels, season 1, episode 9)

8. Unique, If I Were A Boy” (The End of Twerk, season 5, episode 5)

9. Rachel Berry, Jesse St. James, Finn Hudson and Puck, Total Eclipse of the Heart” (Bad Reputation, season 1, episode 17)

10. New Direction Guys, It’s My Life/Confession Pt. 2” (Vitamin D, season 1, episode 6)


11. New Directions, Somebody To Love” (The Rhodes Not Taken, season 1, episode 5) 

12. Kurt Hummel, I Want To Hold Your Hand (Grilled Cheesus, season 2, episode 3)

13. New Direction Girls, Halo/Walking On Sunshine (Vitamin D, season 1, episode 6)

14. Finn Hudson, Jessie’s Girl” (Laryngitis, season 1, episode 18)

15. Santana Lopez, Valerie” (Special Education, season 2, episode 9)


16. Santana Lopez, Brittany S. Pierce and Holly Holliday, Landslide” (Sexy, season 2, episode 15)

17. Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry, I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” (Born This Way, season 2, episode 18)

18. Finn Hudson, Rachel Berry, Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel, Santana Lopez, Brittany S. Pierce, Will Schuester, and Emma Pillsbury, The Scientist” (The Break Up, season 4, episode 4)

19. New Directions, Seasons of Love” (The Quarterback, season 5, episode 3)

20. Finn Hudson I’ll Stand By You” (Ballad, season 1, episode 10)


21. Finn Hudson, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (I Kissed A Girl, season 3, episode 7)

22. The Warblers, Uptown Girl” (The First Time, season 3, episode 5)

23. The Warblers “Silly Love Songs” (Silly Love Songs, season two, episode 12)

Glee’s two hour series finale airs tonight at 8pm EST on FOX. Try not to cry too much.

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