6 Reasons Why You Should LOVE Aquaman

Although Zack Snyder hasn’t confirmed it, a lot of Aquaman fans are excited to hopefully see him on the big screen in “Batman v. Superman”, or better yet, starring...
Aquaman rumored to have a role in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Although Zack Snyder hasn’t confirmed it, a lot of Aquaman fans are excited to hopefully see him on the big screen in “Batman v. Superman”, or better yet, starring in his own movie! A lot of people mock the King of the Seven Seas, but I’m here to tell you why he is one of the most underrated members of the Justice League and the coolest superhero that nobody is talking about.

1. He has SUPER cool super powers.

He’s not just a fish lover in an orange bodysuit. He’s the telepathic ruler of Atlantis and all of Earth’s ocean; NO BIG DEAL. He can command all sea life and his good genes allow him to survive on land and at the deepest depths of the ocean. Most of his adventures happen under the sea. He has super strength, super speed, and super human reflexes and endurance; think Superman’s powers meets Batman’s brains (but better?). He can even speak any language on Earth (and who doesn’t love a guy who can romance you in all the romance languages?)



2. He’s a BAD ASS, straight up.

He doesn’t spend all of his time cuddling dolphins and saving fish from pollution, even though that sounds great. He wields the Trident of Neptune, which is a magical weapon that grants its wielder great power as well as the rights to ruling the sea. Not only does he wield himself that Trident, but he also is very skilled with a sword on land. He commands armies and has fought Gods. And won. This qualifies him for official BAMF status.


3. He is a founding member of the Justice League.

In both the New 52 Universe and mainstream continuity, he is a cofounder of the Justice League. He stabs the villain Darkseid IN HIS EYE with his trident in his first ever battle with the Justice League. IN HIS EYE! WITH A TRIDENT!

Justice League ASSEMBLE!

Justice League ASSEMBLE!

4. He has cool allies and enemies, which would make for great onscreen battles.

Aqualad, a member of Teen Titans, is always helpful to Aquaman on various occasions. The current Aqualad is the son of Aquaman’s arch rival, The Black Manta. IT’s ALL IN THE FAMILY! His wife, Mera, is his closest ally. She’s equally as bad ass as her husband with similar powers. She’s a tough sea lady who could most definitely take Disney’s Ursula in a sea fight. I guess they’re like the Mr. & Mrs. Smith of the ocean except much cooler and way more powerful. His main enemies are Black Manta and his half-brother Orm. Another recurring villain is King Shark.

Mr. and Mrs. Aquaman

Mr. and Mrs. Aquaman

5. He’s similar to Thor (but cooler).

Marvel fans can love Aquaman, too! As a fan of Thor, you can note a few similarities between the two guys: they are both wielders of powerful weapons and kings who’ve lost their thrones to an evil stepbrother. Otherwise, they have completely different types of storylines. Oh, but they are both blonde.. there’s also that.

6. Who doesn’t want to see Khal Drogo take on the role of a superhero?!

Jason Momoa is a GREAT choice for Aquaman. I mean, who doesn’t love Game of Thrones, and who wasn’t pissed off when Khal Drogo gets killed off? Sure, he was a barbarian, but he was cool as hell. Jason Momoa could bring the edgy BAMFness to the role of Aquaman.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman Rumors Swim Around the Internet

Jason Momoa as Aquaman? YES.

So, these are just a few reasons Aquaman is underrated. Do you love him yet? Personally, I can’t wait to see an Aquaman movie and I hope more people start to give him the love he deserves.


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