Chris Pratt Wants To Raise The 12th Man Flag

Chris Pratt is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan and now that he's a movie star he'd love to raise the 12th man flag....

Chris Pratt is awesome. He’s currently out promoting his leading role in the latest Marvel superhero flick Guardians Of The Galaxy, which is amazing! When he’s not kicking-ass as Star-Lord, he enjoys watching his favorite team, Super Bowl champions, The Seattle Seahawks.

12th-man-flag-o[1]While hanging out with The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1, co-host Rich Davis asked Chris about doing something every fan would want to do: raise the 12th man flag.
For those not in-the-know, the ‘Hawks refer to their fans as the “12th man” because they’re so important to the team, they’re practically another player. At each of the home games, a very special person raises a flag with the number “12” on it. It’s a super-fan moment.

Back to Chris Pratt — he’s a super-fan and a movie star. His home team should let him raise the flag. Listen below:

Aww! Chris is such a nice guy he honestly never thought of himself as eligible to raise the flag. There’s now small campaign to get the Seattle Seahawks to respond and let Chris raise the flag. #12thManPratt

He totally deserves it and we hope he gets to do it this coming season.


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