iRobot’s Roomba 880 Is Ready To Replace Your Vacuum

The iRobot Roomba 880 is a life-changing (seriously) vacuum that replaces the need for a traditional, old-fashioned up-right. It's perfect for everyone, especially those with pets....

The idea of a vacuum that roams your house on its own, is small and circular instead of tall with protruding hoses and doesn’t have any bristles in sight sounds like something that isn’t going to clean your house. It sounds like a gimmick. It sounds like a futuristic item we’re promised will someday be ready. Today is that day and the iRobot Roomba 880 is ready for prime time (read: ready to clean your home).

The Roomba may be more famous for carrying cats around but it also has a job as a vacuum. It’s also really amazing at it since testing this thing, it’s now replaced my traditional vacuum (a Dyson Ball DC25). It started as a test — can I use nothing but the Roomba to clean my home for a week. After that, I went for two weeks. I’ve reached a month and my old cleaner is making me feel guilty.

The Roomba 880 can detect things like USB cables the won't be eaten. Photo Credit: iRobot

The Roomba 880 can detect things like USB cables the won’t be eaten.
Photo Credit: iRobot

The Roomba 880 can handle the traditional task of cleaning your home on-demand in addition to its powerful robotic abilities. First, the non-traditional: it cleans your home without you there. The Roomba 880 can be set on a schedule to go about its duties. With mine, every morning at 9am after everyone had left for the day, the Roomba would undock itself (along with the unmistakable backing up beeping sound), move around the house, room to room, cleaning under the bed and couch, working back-and-forth on the dirtier spots, and then, once it was tired, it’d return home, dock itself and begin recharging.

Photo Credit: iRobot

Photo Credit: iRobot

What’s worth noting is if you’re a clean freak or a procrastinator, you’ll love this guy. You’ll notice the Roomba 880 picking up lots of dust once you check the bin, seeing stuff you’ve never seen before. The cleaning is deep, it can reach spots you probably can’t and it’ll keep your house cleaner by working daily. If you hate vacuuming, this does all the work for you so it’s an easy win.

Underside of the Roomba 880 showing the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System. Photo Credit: iRobot

Underside of the Roomba 880 showing the AeroForce Performance Cleaning System.
Photo Credit: iRobot

When it comes to spills or messes, the Roomba 880 is kinda fun. Some might find it annoying to use a remote to direct the Roomba 880 to a dirty spot and directing it like a remote control car. It’s much more fun than pulling out a typical vacuum and putting muscle into it. If you’d prefer, the Roomba 880’s “Spot” mode can just start from the middle of your mess and circle outwards cleaning the specific area.

You’ll also notice the absense of bristles on the Roomba 880. The engineers at iRobot instead have opted for rubber rollers and what they call the “AeroForce Performance Cleaning System” which uses those rollers and air to direct dirty and dust into the Roomba and off your floors. This is all advanced technology that makes this thing work, and really well, to the point it can replace your traditional vacuum.

I can’t stress that enough with the Roomba 880 — it can replace your upright, old-fashioned, vacuum cleaner.

Roomba 880
Roomba 880
The Good
  • Cleaning without thinking
  • Great for homes with pets
The Bad
  • Can't deal with messes off floors
  • Features
  • Ease-Of-Use
  • Battery

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