Is It Curtains For a Certain Burger Loving Clown?

After months and months of wondering, is this newly found information a sign of which Simpsons character will be kicking the bucket?...

Ever since the season twenty-five finale, fans of The Simpsons have been anxiously awaiting the news of the character destined to die on the twenty-sixth season premiere. After months of debating, and anticipating, Al Jean (the show’s executive producer) has released what many think to be a strong hint as to which one of the characters will be on death row.

The first hint is the title of the episode, which is “Clown in the Dumps”. Now, if you are a Simpson’s fan, you will know that there is only one clown in Springfield- Krusty the Clown. Jean has also given us the hint that the voice actor of the soon-to-be-dead character has won an Emmy for his/her voice acting. Can you guess who has won an Emmy for his voice acting? Dan Castellaneta , the voice actor of Krusty the clown.


However, almost every voice talent on the show has won an Emmy. So, are fans correct, or are they reading into it too much? To find out, be sure to catch the premiere episode on September twenty-eighth!

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