Jim Parsons Quit "The Big Bang Theory"?

Did Jim Parsons really quit 'Big Bang' after an on-set fight with his on-screen best friend Johnny Galecki?...


Jim Parsons has NOT quit The Big Bang Theory! Parsons was involved in the Internets latest hoax. The actor allegedly had an on-set fight with his co-star Johnny Galecki (Leonard). Parsons decided to move on and let the writers figure out what to do with his character, Sheldon Cooper. LIES!

In reality, Parsons along with co-stars, Kaley Cuoco and Galecki, are still renegotiating their contracts. Which has held up filming for the shows 8th season. They are reportedly asking for as much as $1 million PER episode.


Since the show was picked up for the three more seasons there is going to be at least 60 more episodes. Which means that if they get the $1 million per episode they will all make $60 million over the next three seasons. That’s $500,000 per 10 minutes and $250,000 for every five.

That is a lot of money. But the show is the most watched in its time slot week after week with about 20 million watchers per episode. So maybe they do deserve a raise.

All I know is that a (TV) world without Sheldon Cooper is not one I want to be apart of.

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