Kayne West Gets Booed for Latest Rant

It seems like going off into long rants is now a normal occurrence at every Kayne West concert. Will Kayne's fans ever reach the point of being fed up...

Kayne West is known for his temper tantrums and random rants. This is why it shouldn’t be shocking for you to learn that he has, yet again, went off on a tirade in front of his audience in London. However, his fans were far from willing to listen. His bombast earned him a staggering amount of boos from the audience.

The 37 year old (donning a silver studded mask) begins his tirade with sharing his views on the media and advertisement companies brainwashing innocent people. Though not pleased with the lack of singing, the fans are not too annoyed yet.

He then moves onto the next topic, which happens to be how he believes certain fashion companies (namely Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci) discriminate against him because “he’s a black man making music”. By this point, his fans are fed up and booing repeatedly.

In true Kanye fashion, he manages to save himself by slowly slipping into his song “Runaway“. If you can stand to watch it, check out the full rant below.
(Via: HuffingtonPost)
(Via: FoxNews)


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