Can You Guess Who Are These Actresses Dressed Like Men?

The two actresses take on the role of being men for Jenny Lewis's new music video, "Just One of the Guys". We all know the two women are gorgeous,...

Everyone knows that Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway are two beautiful women, but what would they look like if they were men? For the answer to this question, all you have to do is check out Jenny Lewis‘s new music video, “Just One of the Guys”.  The two actresses (along with Brie Larson) dress up in horrendous seventies tracksuits, Adidas flat-bill caps, and trucker mustaches.

Hathaway sports a braided rat tail and shows off some nineties-inspired dance moves. Be warned, her sultry stares may bewitch you.


Meanwhile, Stewart has finally gotten in touch with her emotional side. Her ‘stud muffin’ and ‘tough guy’ demeanor is an Oscar worthy performance. Her luxurious mustache puts Ron Swanson’s to shame.


Once you get past the fake mustaches and skilled dance moves, you’ll find that the lyrics are actually somewhat inspiring. It shines light on the double standards between men and women. It’s video definitely worth checking out, because who doesn’t like celebrities dressed in drag?

(Via: TheWire)
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