Louis C.K. Probably Totally Called Into WNYC

Brian Lehrer on WNYC was discussing Mayor Bill DeBlasio when "Louis from The Village" called in and everyone is pretty sure it was Louis C.K....

Brian Lehrer hosts a live talk radio show on public radio WNYC. Today’s discussion was Mayor Bill DeBlasio, pros and cons. Around 18 minutes into the conversation, Brian went to caller “Louis in the Village” who had a familiar tenor to his voice. That’s because it was (probably) comedian Louis C.K.

The caller (Louis) defended the mayor and complained about click-bait articles portraying the mayor in a negative light because of, as he believes, pointless topics.

Listen to the audio here (or listen below) (skip to about 18:40 to hear the call).

WNYC and Brian Lehrer are also pretty sure it was Louis C.K. and now DeBlasio will join the show tomorrow.



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