'Men, Women & Children' Flops, 'Gone Girl' Soars

The film battled creepy doll movie 'Annabelle' for the top spot at the box office....

It was battle of the spouses at the box office this weekend. Ben Affleck and Gone Girl went up against his wife Jennifer Garner and her film Men, Women & Children. Garner’s MW&C did not do as well as Gone Girl. No surprise there Men, Women & Children is on a limited release and doesn’t go wide until October 17th. Despite having star Ansel Elgort making surprise appearances at some theaters the film only grossed $48,000 in 17 theaters.

Gone Girl is a different story. The film battled creepy doll movie Annabelle for the top spot at the box office and it came out on top. Gone Girl grossed $38 million while Annabelle grossed $37.2 million, so close! Gone Girl managed to bring in more revenue despite being fewer theaters than Annabelle (about 170).

(via Vulture)


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