The 'How I Met Your Mother' Alternate Ending Is Better Than The Original

This is how it should have ended....

Remember the How I Met Your Mother finale? Of course you do, because it was one of the worst finales in TV history, right behind Dexter. If you don’t remember let me give you a quick refresher after nine years of searching Ted “finally” met his soulmate, Tracy. It was great, everyone was happy. But seconds later they revealed that (future) Tracy was dying. Ted lost her faster than he found her. We (fans) were all furious! We waited nine years for Ted to have his happy ending only to have it taken away moments later.


But Craig Thomas and Carter Bays quickly announced the HIMYM: Complete Series Box Set would have an alternate ending!


And that alternate ending has just been leaked online. Rejoice, HIMYM fans there is a god after all and he loves us!

[UPDATE: The original video was removed. Luckily, someone else grabbed it and here it is]

THIS is how HIMYM should have ended. Ted reminding us all of how he got to Tracy, because it was A LONG road. The show should’ve just ended at the train station. I think I can speak for myself and most of the HIMYM fans when I say we would’ve preferred this ending. The Ted/Robin storyline was played out, we just wanted to see Ted happy with Tracy.

(via Buzzfeed)


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