Moto X Pure Edition Review

It's simply the best Android phone you can get

The road to how I ended up with the best Android phone on the market was unexpected. The great folks at Motorola provided me with a code to order my phone through their Moto Maker store (for the record: usually when manufacturers offer devices for review they send a random device at their discretion). This was already different, and a bit fun. The white front face caught my eye. For the back, I opted for something a bit different — lime green with a little texture. Motorola also offers the option of engraving your device to really customize it (and drop the resale value) so I embossed my Twitter handle.

Moto X Pure Edition

Customized with Lime Green back and engraved name.

Customizing the device brought a bit of extra anticipation. I’m not usually this enthusiastic to review a device but one that I customized added to the fun. From customizing to delivery, the whole process took just under a week.

The first thing to notice about the Pure Edition is how clean it is. There are curves everywhere including the edges, the back, the sides… everywhere. The only flat piece is the screen itself which is glass, edge-to-edge. To my surprise, Motorola includes a clear plastic protective case at no charge to ward off dings and dents to the outer curves. It’s not the most protective case, but it’s a start. It’s also very welcomed — curves mean slip.

The device powers on and greets me… personally. I almost forgot during the Moto Maker process I told the phone to greet me with, “Hello, Tommy” during boot. It’s almost pointless as the device powers on quickly.

Once through the typical Android setup, the device begins restoring everything from my last phone (Motorola Nexus 6). Android Lollipop has gotten better and better at restoring apps and settings. Within an hour (the Play Store downloads are an agonizing process) everything is ready to play with.

Moto X Pure EditionWithin a couple of hours it becomes clear this is the best device I’ve ever used. It’s fast, it’s stylish and it’s comfortable. The plastic body doesn’t add much in weight but the screen size is juuuust right. Your hand can grip and tap all at once. At 5.7″ it’s exactly enough to be big but not too big. Compared to the Nexus 6, which was a two-hander, I feel like I didn’t lose too much screen.

And it’s a beautiful screen to have. While it is a TFT LCD, it’s bright and crisp with beautiful response to colors. The 1440p Quad HD screen brings 1440 x 2560 resolution and (more importantly) 520 ppi which is better than the new Google Nexus 6P. The screen can show off some fantastic images and videos, including your own. And that’s where this thing really shines.

Phones from your smartphone are typically good but not great. These are great. Seriously, they’re the best I’ve ever seen. Motorola got it right with resolution and aperture to take in all the light. In dark spaces, the Pure Edition still comes out swinging with extreme detail. It’s almost unheard of that nobody has come this close before.

With a camera lens so good it’s disappointing the camera software isn’t better. While the interface gives you lots of control it means holding the phone oddly while tapping and swiping with the other. It’s not comfortable and Google’s Nexus 6P camera app is world’s beyond. I wish the two could meet each other. It also works well with your phone company provider’s professional voicemail greetings.

The battery packs a respectable 3000mAh to last through most of your day. If it doesn’t, Motorola’s Turbo Charge feature ramps up the battery fairly quickly. The rest of the device is simple — it’s Android (right now it’s Lollipop). It works well and smoothly. There’s a lot of processing power here too (1.8GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 808 with hexa-core CPU) that makes the experience really pleasant.

There’s not a lot to harp on with the Moto X Pure Edition. It’s simply a powerful phone with a great camera and good battery life. That simplicity is all most people are really looking for anyway. So, while it may not be groundbreaking, it’s simply the best Android device you can put your hands on today.

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Moto X Pure Edition
Moto X Pure Edition
The Good
  • That camera!
  • Customized to your style
The Bad
  • Camera App
  • Features
  • Screen
  • Camera
  • Battery

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