Mouse v Mau5: Deadmau5 Battles Disney

Walt Disney is getting a taste of their own medicine after they used one of Deadmau5's songs without permission....

The Walt Disney Company has a reputation for suing anyone or thing that remotely resembles a cartoon mouse or one of their other troves of characters. Now, they’re getting a taste of their own medicine.

Deadmau5, the EDM producer best known for his hit “Ghosts ‘N Stuff” sent a cease-and-desist to Disney over a video they posted on their website remixing old Mickey Mouse cartoons with the electronic song.

The battle is actually a little complicated. Deadmau5 (pronounced “Dead-Mouse”) owns numerous trademarks to his name. Deadmau5 mentioned on his Twitter Disney has formally opposed the trademarks, which companies can do if they believe their trademark is being infringed by another trademark.

To add to the hilarity now Disney, without licensing the song, used Ghosts ‘N Stuff as the background track to a (pointless) video of Mickey Mouse being chased around by… ghosts and stuff. While the song may be fitting for their video, using a song from an artist you’re involved in a legal battle with illegally is mind-boggling.

In response, Deadmau5 sent a letter to Disney and shared it with the world via Twitter:

Photo Credit: deadmau5/WikiCommons

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