Nicki Minaj Moons Us Her Bare Booty On Her New Single's Cover Art

While we're used to seeing crazy, provocative outfits from Nicki, she has definitely taken it a step further with her new single's cover art image! Has she gone too...

If you are a Nicki Minaj fan, you are accustomed to seeing her dress in provocative-barely-cover-anything clothes. Her latest nearly al natural stunt is the cover art for her new single “Anaconda”. The thirty-one year old rapper posted an Instagram photo of the cover art on July twenty-fourth to promote the new single. On the cover, you will find Nicki dressed in a pink sports bra, matching pink g-string, and Nike tennis shoes- and that’s it. With her butt cheeks bared, she hardly leaves anything to the imagination!


Parents everywhere are outraged that their children are exposed to the cover. However, there is a parental advisory warning on the cover. Don’t like the single or its cover image? Don’t buy it!  While some view this as degrading and immoral, you have got to give Nicki props when props are due. Nicki is comfortable with her body, as well as confident! She does not take offense to the parodies or jokes that are made at her own expense. She finds the parodies and jokes just as funny as her fans do. She has even posted a few fan parodies on her Instagram as well.


Catch the release date of “anaconda” on iTunes July twenty-eighth.

(Via: Eonline)


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