Paris Hilton Has Returned…With Unicorns and Rainbows

After eight long years of leaving the music industry, Paris Hilton is back- along with cotton candy clouds and enough glitter to blind an innocent bystander....

Have you ever heard the expression: “It’s like a train wreck, you know something is going to end horribly, but you can’t help but to watch it”? Whether you have or haven’t, you will know exactly what I mean if you watch Paris Hilton’s newest pet project in the music industry. After leaving the world of music entertainment for close to eight years now, she’s back with her new single “Come Alive” from her second studio album.

I will warn you before hand, that you will have absolutely no clue what is going on in the video. So, if you end up completely confused by the end of the video, don’t worry, you are not alone my friend. You may also recognize some strikingly similar scenes as well.

To name a few, do you remember a certain pop artist that was perched upon a cotton candy cloud in one of her hit singles? Need a hint? It begins with Katy and ends in Perry.  There are also scenes where the lovely Ms. Hilton is running about in a field during sunset, as well as swinging on a rope swing. Sound a little familiar? Probably because you’ve seen it before on Rihanna’s video for “Only Girl (In the World)“.  Oh, and did I mention the lovely scene with a unicorn that has a rainbow mane? Apparently, hair chalk is not just for humans anymore.

If there is one thing I can compliment Paris Hilton on, it would be her confidence. This is one chick that does what she wants, whether anyone else likes it or not. Like her or hate her, she’s made a name for herself and is here to stay.

(Via: TIME)
(Via: VEVO)


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