Pop Advice: After Breakup Songs That Make You Stronger

Eight Break-Up Songs to Actually Move On and Stop Wallowing Like a Pathetic Mess
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Q: You seem like someone that gets broken up with a lot. Kidding, of course.
I’m going through a breakup and all I am doing is wallowing and listening to Adele. Can you please suggest some different music to get me out of this funk?

A: I get it. Breakups are tough, you start questioning everything about your life and spend a lot of nights overeating and definitely overdoing your alcohol intake. Even though wallowing is part of the process (and a very important one) you eventually have to get your life back together and move on. It sounds like you’re ready.

Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to pack up all your sad Adele and Sam Smith records and start listening to breakup songs that are going to make you feel strong, independent, and totally hot. You ready?

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Amanda Kusek lives in a fantasy world made up of books, movies, and TV shows. She has a special affinity for lost movies of the 80's, and is generally embarrassed of her DVD collection. She lives and works in New York City.
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