Production of "The Big Bang Theory" Is Delayed Over Contract Feud

The actors of "The Big Bang Theory" and CBS are still struggling to reach an agreement on their contracts, and it has resulted in delaying the start of production....

The Big Bang Theory” has officially pushed back the season 8 beginning production date because of CBS’s ongoing failure to reach contract agreements with the stars. The show’s production company, Warner Bros. TV, released a statement saying, “Due to ongoing contract negotiations, production on “The Big Bang Theory”, which was originally scheduled for today (July 30th), has been postponed”.


The stars are all demanding raises. For Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki, and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, these raises mean in the ballpark of $1 million an episode!

CBS has renewed the show up to the 10th season, and ever the optimist, the CBS chairman of entertainment states that they are sure an agreement will be made.

Thankfully, the season 8 premiere date on September 22nd is still going to premiere as scheduled. So, the question is, can the actors come to an agreement? If not, will we be seeing new or replaced characters?

(Via: HuffingtonPost)


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