Warner Bros. Big-Budget Movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Flops At The Box Office

Is anyone surprised? The trailer for this movie was pretty bad....

Warner Bros. latest big-budget movie — Jupiter Ascending— flopped at the box office this weekend. The movie had a budget of $179 million, but only managed to nab $19 million in its opening weekend. It was toped by The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, which grossed an impressive $56 million, and American Sniper.

A few weeks ago Warner surprised moviegoers at Sundance with a “secret screening” of the film, probably to generate some hype. It backfired, a handful of people walked out of the film. They “hated it.” The scene was very similar to this weekend in theaters around the country when moviegoers walked out of the movie because it was so bad.



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